Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a career or executive coach?

If you are having difficulty defining and realizing your goals, clarifying direction and staying motivated, then a coach is a career and life changing investment. Dottie partners with you to achieve your next level of satisfaction and performance.

Great coaches provide:
  • Action urgency: go from thinking and talking to taking measurable steps
  • Expertise: testing and feedback for making decisions and taking action
  • Relationship: a sounding board and support, constructive and honest dialogue
  • Tools: how to help yourself, exercises and models for present and future choices
  • Lifelong knowledge: never again wonder how to navigate change at work
  • Accountability: commit to a specific process and dedicated timeline
  • Perspective: objectivity and wide-angle lens, fresh and current ideas
  • Encouragement and hope: someone who believes in your ability to succeed
  • Global access: all services for English speaking clients, US and abroad

What if I don’t know how much help I will need or want?

The initial phone consultation is a discovery conversation to clarify your needs, Dottie’s services, and personalized recommendations. Typical client engagements begin with a 3 to 6 month commitment; however, flexible and intermittent services can be customized for your situation and goals.

How often are the consultations scheduled?

Time and length of Skype or phone meetings are scheduled to fit your goals and coaching plan. Meetings can be weekly or bimonthly. Ongoing entrepreneur and executive coaching is set on a rolling schedule.

If I have already completed testing and surveys in the past can I jump directly into identifying my goals and action steps?

Dottie will want at least an initial conversational assessment and can review the results of prior tests or surveys if you have access to them. Worksheets and online surveys are frequently used to maintain the quality and substance of your exploration, decisions and plans.

After my 20-30 minute initial consultation how will the program get started?

You and Dottie will determine initial goals and steps and agree on a schedule and place of contact - in person, online (usually Skype) or by phone. You will then receive an electronic Registration Form, Payment options, Letter of Agreement and Confidentiality, and first meeting confirmation.

You will also receive a link to the Resources page of, with password access to specific startup documents.

How does payment take place?

Via invoice through Paypal, Square, or Stripe online payment systems.
Business or personal checks are also accepted.

What if my needs or goals change during the coaching process?

By its very nature, coaching is both a fluid and structured process. You will begin with a plan to reach goals based on your initial needs and expectations, but should also anticipate that these will change as you gain insight and make adjustments in your objectives and action steps. Dottie is committed to flexibility as well as planfulness.