Coaching Services

Career Reinvention: When you want more than just another job

When it comes to career reinvention, Dottie is the one-stop shop.

From the start you’ll spotlight and organize your biggest career priorities, shaping them to fit your core values and strengths.

Together, you’ll work with specific assessment tools and harness decision-making resources. You’ll explore and clarify options based on comprehensive feedback, balance self-reflection with actions that build a solid foundation for decisions you can trust.

Quickly restore the confidence you need to map your future by learning the simple strategies and techniques of everyday resilience and ‘design thinking’.

If you want to break big into a new career, or propel your skills and happiness in your current job, or even start your own business. Contact Dottie to jump-start your transformation.


Entrepreneurs & Executives: Change Your Mind, Accelerate Your Business

Strategic intuition is the centerpiece of Dottie’s executive and owner coaching. With her counsel you’ll learn to better manage yourself, fine tune your business acumen, and bring clarity to every important goal.

Learn radical resilience, convert worry to imagination, and develop the emotional agility for sustaining resonant leadership. You’ll sharpen your focus, train your brain to take advantage of tough challenges, and establish the practice of ‘right action’.

As a fan of the 80/20 Principle, Dottie shows you how to implement the few most effective actions that produce your best results. Decisively eliminate the mental clutter and distractions that detract from your energy and motivation – using an approach that simplifies the workday and vastly improves your sense of purpose.

Remember, your success depends on generating super-performers – these are the vital ideas you craft and the nimble teams you lead. It’s not a job for sissies - or loners.

On the road to your future bring along a well-traveled navigator. Contact Dottie at TransitionWork for a discovery consultation and coaching proposal.