Client Testimonials

"With each significant career transition, Dottie provided just the guidance I needed. Her experience, knowledge and professional yet personal approach allowed me to gain insight into what was most important to me. I have a most fulfilling career, thanks, in large part, to Dottie."

Sue Ela
Healthcare Executive

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“Dottie encourages, motivates and develops individuals to be successful in their career paths. She has an innate ability to balance corporate objectives with individual professional goals. From a human resources point of view, developing staff to their highest potential with a focus on individual and employer growth is essential - and is Dottie’s unique strength.”

Phyllis J. Petri
Director of Human Resources, Healthcare Industry

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That was my one-word brief to Dottie when we started working together a few months ago.
I've been in masterminds, have many entrepreneurial friends offering good advice.
Yet the future was still lost somewhere out there in the fog.
I needed to see what lay ahead. Needed some certainty that I was heading in the right direction.
I was overwhelmed & frankly a bit lost.

But not now.
Now I know what's coming as clear as looking at a photo!

Within weeks of working with Dottie I had the clarity I was looking for & more.

So much so that we continue to chat every couple of weeks.
I get a sense of perspective every single time we talk.

Thanks Dottie for everything so far & all the help that I know you'll be in the future."

Mike Rhodes
CEO WebSavvy, Melbourne Australia

• • • • •

“Dottie has been key in helping Outpost develop an internal coaching program by sharing her vast experience from working with multiple organizations and also paying close attention to our unique culture.

She has shared many helpful tools and remains a close resource for our programs. In addition, Dottie has worked one on one with multiple Outpost managers and is known as a trusted and effective coach who helps us face our challenges with new insight and confidence.”

Kari Mitchell
Director of Organizational & Leadership Development, Outpost Natural Foods

• • • • •

"Dottie Graham has such a finger on the pulse of the emerging issues for those in the midst of transitions that I always turn to her to ground my research.
She’s also my top choice when people ask me for a referral for career help or coaching."

Dr. Nadya A. Fouad
Distinguished Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

• • • • •

“Dottie took the time to understand my current professional environment, ask the right questions, and facilitate the right discussions at a pivotal point in my career.

Her feedback improved the way I interacted with my growing team, helped me better align myself with my company, and see how I could add the most value.

Her guidance helped me move forward, and by extension she also helped propel some of our key managers to high levels of performance. We even invited Dottie in to the office for team-wide training on coaching and leadership development.

Not only would we recommend Dottie for your individual professional coaching, but the coaching
of your entire team!”

Nicole Mennicke
Chief Operating Officer, Rocket Clicks

• • • • •

"Working with Dottie has made me rethink my life, my goals. It is the best money I’ve ever spent."

Anne K.

Public Relations Professional

• • • • •

"The coaching I did with Dottie enabled me to take stock of my worklife, evaluate and retool, focus my mission and overall life and career goals. The feedback, dialogue and assignments were invaluable. I will continue to use these tools throughout my career!"

Malore B.
Literacy and Education Consultant

• • • • •

"Dorothy showed me the way through the career wilderness. After many years in an unfulfilling role, she helped me find a new career that utilized my skills and provided a high level of job satisfaction. I recently received my dream job. Thanks Dottie!"

Dave N.
Financial Services Professional