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Discover and Decide

Plan tomorrow's work today. Explore a whole new career, re-design the one you have, or start your own business. Assessment surveys, tools, research and feedback to clarify best-fit options. Career SWOT Analysis for gold standard decision making. Identify choices, resources, timelines, and trade-offs.

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Mindset and Strategy

Connect the dots between your mind and your business. Learn breakthrough thinking with a toolkit of habits and lessons designed for the results you want. Rewire stress patterns to release anxiety. Switch on signature strengths. Improve focus and flow. Design "what" and "how" strategies true to your vision.

Work on your business too, applying growth thinking for better decisions and planning. Organize and simplify the moving parts, close gaps, take jumpstart action.

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Baseline and Assessment

Before you plan any major business or career moves, QuickStarters provides an essential 360 view of your 'working self'. This structured 7-step VIP workshop is designed to highlight values, interests, skills, personality and strengths. Tests, tools, peak experience exercises help to frame next steps and articulate goals.

Where will you be in 90 days?


I've been in masterminds, have many entrepreneurial friends offering good advice. Yet the future was still lost in the fog. But not now.

Working with Dottie I achieved the clarity I was looking for & more. I had a sense of perspective every single time we talked.

-Mike Rhodes, CEO WebSavvy, Melbourne Australia

From lost in the weeds to a moon shot …

Wherever you are in your business or career, I’m here to help you figure out what’s next and how to get there.

TransitionWork is a 1:1 virtual coaching program designed to help you thrive in today’s sea of change.

Illuminate a crystal clear view of yourself, unlock your confident inner game, take action on smart decisions and inspired choices.

TransitionWork has coached over a thousand professionals who’ve conquered the challenge of staying motivated and on track while accomplishing pivotal goals.

That’s why I know nothing stands still – except the need to keep growing.

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